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Personalized Beach in a Bag Indoor Sand Castle Kit

Free Editable Gift Tag Included Below

As a stay-at-home mom, I’ve learned a few tricks over the years. One of my most recently learned mom hacks is the use of kinetic sand for indoor entertainment. It’s quite literally the only sand I do not regret buying. So this year for Christmas, instead of loads of toys, I’m giving my favorite littles the gift of a Beach in a Bag. I’m hoping it provides hours of entertainment and also learning opportunities! If you’re new to kinetic sand it is so easy to store because it doesn’t dry out & it’s easy to clean up. It really only sticks to itself. We regularly pair it with these tiny Tonka toys or little bugs or dinos from the Dollar Tree. For Christmas, I’m taking it to a new level with sand castle molds and tiny sea life and mermaid figurines to create the ultimate kinetic sand Beach in a Bag.

If you’re interested in creating your own Beach in a Bag Indoor Sand Castle Kit, I’ve linked all of the “ingredients” below including the personalized gift tag via (super easy to use) Canva & links to all the fun toys you can include.

The best part about this idea is that you can split the sand castle molds & figurines among multiple kids! I made 4 bags with 1 wild republic bucket & 2 sand castle molds. Also, the girl versions included the mermaids & the boy versions had more sharks & sea life.

Simply split up the toys & sand into bags, edit & print your tags, cut & hole punch & tie with ribbon or some twine!

Beach In a Bag Indoor Sand Castle Kit Ingredients:

beach in a bag gift tag
beach in a bag gift tag
Beach in a bag

Here is the Contents of one of the Girl Kits:

Beach In A Bag

It’s that easy! Feel free to comment with questions or share what your kids think of their beach in a bag kit!

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