Cut Flower Garden

Raised Cut Flower Garden from Fall Planted Bulbs

It’s a gorgeous Fall day in North Texas and I finally had the chance to plant my Floret Flower Farm bulbs (seen below) for next Spring! My toddler is napping so I thought I would quickly share my raised cut garden plan I’ve decided on and what I planted.

What Are Bulbs?

If you’re new to gardening, you may be thinking, “What are bulbs?” So I’ve linked a great article from Garden Design that is all about bulbs. I originally started buying bulbs from Floret flowers a few years ago after finding their gorgeous blog posts and receiving their book, Cut Flower Garden. Their book Cut Flower Garden is full of gorgeous pictures and great advice on how to grow and maintain a cut flower garden. Also, if you’re thinking about gifts for Christmas, it would also be a great addition to any current or future gardener’s library! While I’ve purchased bulbs from Floret for several years, this will be the first year growing them in my raised beds so I can’t wait to see the result!

Where to Buy Bulbs

All of my bulbs were purchased from Floret Flower Farm during their bulb sale in early September. I logged into their site about 3 minutes after the sale had started and several items were already sold out. They have a huge following and have great products so they sale out fast! While most of the bulbs I’m planting are sold out at Floret this year, you can find similar flower bulbs through online places like Breck’s or Eden Brothers. I’ve definitely found that online places like Floret have better quality bulbs that the one’s you will buy at the hardware store.

My Raised Cut Flower Garden Plan for 2021

Our back garden consists of two 8 ft x 3 ft raised garden beds my husband built from cedar fence boards earlier this year. If you would love to have a raised garden but don’t have the space in your yard or a handy husband, I’ve read great reviews on this smaller inexpensive raised garden bed from Lowes.

Raised Cut Flower Garden

I filled each of my garden beds with garden soil originally and then recently added 4 bags of Raised Bed Soil before planting my bulbs. I’ve decided I’m going to use the back garden bed for vegetables this next year and the front for my cut flower garden because who wouldn’t rather look at flowers?!

Here’s the Plan:

Raised Cut Flower Garden Plan

As you can see, I tried to alternate the colors between the pinks and whites. You will find links to the bulbs and seeds I planted below:

The flower bed doesn’t look like much now but fingers crossed in early February we’ll have some gorgeous flowers starting to bloom.

Next Steps

Now that the bulbs are tucked in the soil I’ll watch for signs of freezing weather but otherwise we wait for the early signs of life in the Spring.

If our weather threatens to dip below freezing during winter I’ll cover the bed with frost cloth just to keep the bulbs safe and cozy.

As part of my Floret order, I also ordered a ton of seeds as well, so I’ll be posting more seed starting and garden planning posts in the coming months.

If You’re New to Gardening

Earlier this year I posted about my front yard cut flower garden I started from seed and I received a ton of interest. If you’re interested in starting a cut flower garden from seed for next year, I would highly recommend clicking on over to that post and having a read. I also shared 5 Tips for Seed Starting Indoors which includes tips from the lessons I’ve had to learned over the past few years starting flowers from seed – inside our home and in our solar shed. It won’t be too long before we can start planting seeds indoors again in prep for Spring flowers!

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  • Lauren

    I love your garden plans! I’m in North TX and am trying to plan and plant my front beds (they are super sad looking since snowmagedon in Feb). This is super helpful. I also just got the Flor book for my birthday. Yay!,,

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