Front Yard Cut Flower Garden

My Front Yard Cut Flower Garden Update

It’s been 2 months since I started planning my front yard cut flower garden and a LOT has changed both at home and away. We’re currently under a stay-at-home order that I could have never predicted but in the midst of all the chaos, my seedlings and gardening plans have been such a blessing! The abundance of seedlings that germinated has provided so much joy and hopefulness for the future! Because who doesn’t look forward to gorgeous flowers?! And also, it’s so nice that I’m not having to leave the house to go get plants!

I’ve now transplanted many of my seedlings into their new homes so I figured I would take the time to give an update on how things went and what plans I’ve had to adjust based on the new normal due to COVID 19 and my seed germination results.

Before and After…So Far


After So Far…

AFTER: After planting my seedlings and mulching in April.

What Did I Try to Grow from Seed?

I had great success with Salvia Blue Bedder, Zinnia, Snapdragons and Alyssum but my Calendula and Marigold Eskimo did not germinate so I’ve had to make adjustments to my plan. I’ve included the details of the flowers I grew from seed below as well as the details of the other plants in my front yard cut garden plan.

seedlings in solar shed
My seedlings growing in our solar shed earlier in the year.

How Many Seeds Did I Grow?

My first 72 pellet seed tray had 4 rows of 6 seedlings of Snapdragons, Salvia, and Alyssum. In my second seed tray, I attempted Marigold, Calendula and Coleus (for my shade beds). Whenever my Marigold and Calendula did not take off, I replaced those seedlings with Zinnia Giant Double Violet Queen and more Tall Deluxe Snapdragon. And then, whenever my Snapdragons germinated, I ended up with multiple flowers in one pellet and when transplanting, attempted to move those plants into their own cups.

In total, I had at least 144 seedlings but I’m honestly not sure the exact number because I separated my Snapdragon seedlings. It was A LOT as you can see from my instagram photo below.

Plants I’ve Substituted In My Plan Due to Stay-At-Home Orders

  • Initially, I planned to just use the Salvia Blue Bedder for my backyard shady areas but I’m hoping it will have success in the front yard garden in place of Russian Sage.
  • In place of Lamb’s Ear, I moved some existing Dusty Miller to the front yard from one of my planters.
  • In place of Calendula and Marigold, I planted some Daisy seeds directly in the ground.
  • Finally, you’ll also see that the additional of some Alliums spread throughout the back of the plot. I planted these Allium bulbs last year and wasn’t sure if they would survive but I now have 10 plants popping out of the ground so I’ve added these to the plan.

My Updated Front Yard Cut Garden Plan

Front Yard Cut Flower Garden
Plant/Flower NameHeightWidth
1. Russian Sage Denim and Lace Update: Salvia Blue Bedder (Sage)48″12″
2. Calendula Update: My calendula seeds were from a previous year and were no long viable.
3. Marigold Eskimo Update: Unfortunately, I planted two full packs of these and could not get them to germinate so I opted for Dwarf White Daisy instead.12-24″12″
4. Zinnia Giant Double Violet Queen30″12″
5. Sweet Mint18″18″
6. Tall Deluxe Snapdragons24-30″12″
7. Ligistrum Sunshine (existing)
8. Anemone Black and White18-24″12″
9. Alyssum Carpet of Snow4-6″6-8″
10. Lamb’s Ear Update: Dusty Miller14″16″
11. Purple Rose4′24″
12. Update: Allium Purple Sensation12″8″

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