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Cricut Maker Felt Play Cookies and Heart Pastry Template

Felt has become my favorite play food option since making my first ever Cricut Maker felt play food breakfast and pizza in one for my 3 year old’s stocking stuffers. It was surprisingly easy and he loves his new food. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I thought that today I would sharing another fun and super easy project I’m making – a Cricut Maker made Felt Play Cookie & Heart Pastry set. My template also includes a sticker template for a personalized bakeshop box. This is a perfect project super cute gift for your little ones on Valentine’s Day. The best part is that they get to make cookies and there is no messy kitchen required!

What You’ll Need:

My reused card box

First things first, let’s get you access to the pattern!

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You can download the link to my free Cricut Design Space pattern below by subscribing to my site. Once subscribed, you’ll receive the password to my digital file library. Simply enter the password below and click download and you will be routed to the Cricut Design Space pattern link. Then you can open it on your personal application on your computer. Simple and easy!

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Next, use your Cricut Maker and to cut your felt using my shared project.

Note: Set your maker to Felt, Acrylic Fabric for the felt food pieces.

Also, you will notice there is no brown in my template, for the chocolate chips, I simply cut small brown triangle-ish shapes out of my brown felt.

Felt Play Pastries and Bakeshop Stickers

Once all the pieces are cut, it’s time to get sewing and stuffing.

Trust me, I am no expert at sewing. If you are, more power to you! I wish I had your talent!

For this project, I used a simple hand stitch. It looks a little messy but I personally think that makes it more fun.

For the heart pastry and chocolate chip cookie, you’ll want to stitch the heart and the chocolate chips first before moving on to stitching the cookie together.

Make sure to start your stitch and tie it off at the end on the bottom side of your cookies and inside of your pastry to keep the play food looking cleaner.

Prior to finishing stitching the entire cookie and pastry closed, pause and stuff your cookies and pastry with some batting.

I also hand cut a few extra “sprinkles” of assorted color felt and some extra chocolate chips to add to the box.

Making the Personalized Bakery Box Labels

Included in my Cricut Design Space template, you will find two options for the personalized bakery box labels. One option is based on my old iPhone box. The other is based on an extra box that my Christmas cards were delivered in. The idea here is to use my template to adjust and fit your needs for whatever box you have lying around. Change the size of the shapes, colors and unflatten my template and update the text to your child’s name. Then print your sticker labels on Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper and cut them with your Cricut.

Add your printable vinyl labels to your box, add in your cookies and they’re ready to be delivered to a happy customer!

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