How to Throw A Birthday Roast

A birthday roast is a great way to show that you care about someone while also giving them grieve over all the things they’ve ever said and done. And who better to do this to than dear old dad?

In particular, if you know my dad, you know that he can dish it out and he has done so quite often over the years. As a father of three girls, you might have been tempted to feel sorry for him but most people know better. I’m talking about a guy who used to pick me up from middle school pulling a trailer with just a toilet strapped on the back of it… OR the father who used to harass any friend who visited our house with a stern and scary “Who invited you over?!”

My dad and my son
My dad trying to join Lucas in his bad hair day. Can you believe my blonde little boy had such dark hair?!

In trying to plan a 60th birthday party theme for my father, I realized that the best theme of all would be to reflect on the absolutely CRAZY man that he is and the CRAZY stuff that he has said and done over the years. Therefore, my dad got ROASTED! AND it was great!

My dad's roast signs and floating head on a stick

Instructions for a Successful Birthday Roast

Set Out Personalized Roast Signs To Set the Tone for the Party

To decorate for my dad’s roast I created a couple of new paper goods I’ve made available in my Etsy shop as a Roasting Kit including these personalized roast signs.

You can easily repurpose these personalized signs for Father’s Day or other special occasions. If purchased through my shop, you can choose from a digital download you can print at home or have the sign shipped to you. Also, I include a version with dashed cut lines, should you choose to cut & frame the print in an 8×10. I chose to frame several and sit them throughout the house during the party.

Personalized Birthday Roast Signs

Create Some Hilarious Photo Props

I can’t look at that photo prop of his head without cracking up!

I actually do want some cheese with that wine! A brie or a whole charcuterie board would be great Dad!

I paired the roast signs with some personalized photo props commemorating my father’s most common sayings. Several sayings are movie quotes and the others, well who knows where they came from! After brainstorming my father’s sayings with my family, I got to work making his roast signs. I printed each sign on cardstock, cut them with my Cricut Maker and then taped them to cake pop sticks.

Really Rub It In With a Marshmallow Roast Themed Cake

Marshmallow Roast Cake

Let Me Help You Roast Your Dad!

If you are interested in roasting a friend or loved one in the same glorious manner, you can purchase the Roasting Kit on my Etsy shop here.

The Personalized Roasting Kit includes:

-A personalized 8.5 x 11 (letter) ROAST sign + a version with cut lines for framing in 8×10 (digital or printed)
-A fire pit cake topper (digital or printed on card stock) 3.25 inch tall and wide.
-A set of 10 personalized photo prop speech/thought bubble (digital or printed). Each sign will vary between 7-9 inches long and 4-7 inches tall.
-Head on a Stick option – Includes a printed and cut out head on a stick of your ROASTEE. Approximately 6 inch x 7 inch.

By throwing a roast, I can promise your loved one will appreciate that you were listening ALL THOSE YEARS!

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